(re)Creating McCrae's

The years 1977 - 1985 were pivotal throughout music culture. Bands were experimenting with driving rhythms and developing political and personal agendas. The members of McCrae’s Battalion are living and breathing proof of this. Each of them were seeing shows, starting their own bands, writing music, rebelling and living through their formative years. Fast forward to present time where Fraser McGill (guitar, vocals), Drew Mayo (drums, percussion), Orlando Cerecedes (guitar, keyboard, vocals), and Tom Connelly (bass, vocals)  have come together to (re)create McCrae’s Battalion.

Dubbed the “second coming of Joe Strummer”, the McCrae’s have expanded to include influences of the Stranglers, the Cars, David Bowie, the Jam, Ramones, and the Smiths. The new line up of Fraser, Drew, Orlando, and Tom bring many decades of songwriting, musical talent, and passion for their craft. The band aims to keep the crowd on their feet, singing, pogoing, and enjoying the spectacle.

McCrae’s Battalion formed in 2013 and derived their name from a Scottish Battalion, affectionately given by the people of Edinburgh in World War I. While the original lineup swayed towards a Celtic vibe, the intensity and excitement of the new group is more relevant while still personal and accessible.


Previous events


St. Paddy's Day Party

Sausalito Yacht Club, Sausalito

Private Party


Benefit Concert for John Caulfield

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, 116 Clement St., San Francisco


Saint Patrick's Day Festival

Dublin, CA, Dublin, CA


Hotel Utah

500 4th Street, San Francisco


McB at the Fireside

The Fireside Lounge, 1453 Webster St, Alameda

With... Another Tangent The Gillbillies