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Dubbed the “second coming of Joe Strummer”, the McCrae’s have been compared to the Clash, David Bowie, the Jam, the Ramones, and the Smiths. Fraser McGill (guitar, vocals), Drew Mayo (drums, percussion), Orlando Cerecedes (guitar, keyboard, vocals), and Tom Connelly (bass, vocals) bring many decades of songwriting, musical talent, and passion for their craft. The band aims to keep the crowd on their feet, singing, pogoing, and enjoying the spectacle. 

McCrae’s Battalion formed in 2013 and derived their name from a Scottish Battalion, affectionately given by the people of Edinburgh in World War I. While the original lineup swayed towards a Celtic vibe, the intensity and excitement of the new group is more relevant while still personal and accessible.

The band is currently working on their new album due to be released in 2019. Check out their live shows to catch some of the new tunes!

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Scroll down for the music samples of their first two albums.


Armistice Day

McCrae's Battalion

McCrae's Battalion debut release featuring 9 tunes blending the sounds of Scotland and Ireland, folk to punk, great instrumentation and songwriting. Track list: March of the Cameron Men, The Only One, Larimer Street, Acacia McCrae, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Gator Waltz No One Goes Billy McConnell Skara Brae

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