Snowdrop Hill

Lyrics: Fraser McGill
Music: Fraser McGill, Drew Mayo, Kristen Vandling, Colin Hall & Orlando Cercedes

its springtime in the ferry
on lord roseberrys estate
we used to meet on sundays
by the road at chapel gate
its been thirty years now
but i can see you still
as we walked along
your hand in mine
on our way to snowdrop hill

walking along the high street
something caught my eye
a captive of the years gone by and by and by and by
walking along the highstreet
something caught my eye
an i saw the bellstane birds 
as they flew across the sky

the gladstones they were leafing
as old eisenhower looked out
you could hear the hounds
down at the point
and the ferryman would shout
so we took the boat to cramond
the village by the sea
then we walked up the old ferry road
and caught the forty three

the lights were on the bridges
you could see the trains go by
and your names still etched in concrete
in the phone box at the wye